ALY 2.0 – Second Year Youth Program

WHAT IS ALY 2/0?   After you finish ALY 1.0, you are invited to join ALY 2.0.  You will meet 4 to 5 times during the year (starting in June) and will visit companies that match your career interests and aspirations.  A typical site visit includes a tour of the facility, meet and greet with high level executives and recruiting managers, participate in hands-on activities, and build a network of contacts that can assist you as you move beyond high school and college.

WHO IS IT FOR? ALY grads who are still enrolled in high school are eligible to participate.  If you have completed ALY and would like support from lots of successful leaders while focusing in on your individual hopes and dreams, you don’t want to miss ALY 2.0!

WHEN DOES IT START, AND WHAT’S THE TIME COMMITMENT?  All ALY alumni still enrolled in high school are invited to join ALY 2.0.  Meetings are typically held in June, August, September, February and March.

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