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Advancing Leadership sprung from a fundamental need within our community to have more of our community dynamically engaged. The spirit of the name, Advancing Leadership, derived from various conceptual aspects pulled from The Leadership Challenge book. It was about inspiring the leadership potential that resides in a diverse population (measured by every measure of diversity) which may not have necessarily recognized those traits or have previously applied them in a highly visible way. We purposefully directed our efforts toward individuals who were innately "life-long learners" with capacity, self-motivation and high degree of commitment to community.

    This was not about:

  • "pulling" others into leadership
  • "directly modeling the kind of leadership that says "follow-me troops"
  • telling the Learner "this is leadership – do it our way"

It was - in its simplest form - to inspire, to encourage, to engage... to "advance" leadership.

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The AL program takes you on a journey of personal, peer and community discovery. Expect an intentional, relational and transformational experience.


There are several ways you can help lift our community to new levels. We have volunteer, donation and sponsorship opportunities for those who are interested in building a better community.


Check out current and past AL community service projects. Each year we strive for our work to be impactful and sustainable.


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Rose Ehl, AL Class of 2003, Farmer's Market - Originator of Federal Way's Farmers Market.

"I started the Farmers Market with the hope of bringing a community together through trade. I believe something transformative happens when local business owners and consumers meet in an environment that symbolizes togetherness and collaboration. In AL, we're required to create a project that's impactful and transformative. Although my idea wasn't picked, it gave me the confidence and motivation to create a project on my own. I've learned that what often looks like adversity is opportunity in disguise."

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Discover Advancing Leadership!

Our AL program experience begins with a Discovery of personal, peer and community strengths. On a personal level, we explore leadership concepts and principles with a purpose of applying these behaviors in our work and community. On a peer level, we share leadership best practices through group activities and peer to peer assignments. From a community perspective, we explore all the major components that impact the ethos of a city. We conclude our program year with celebration and an action plan to BE♦AL in the community!

We Engage. A typical program day is filled with scenario base learning modules led by Alumni and local community leaders.

We Develop skills to be intentional, relational and transformational in every area of our lives.

We Inspire a commitment to action through our Community Service projects where sustainability and high impact are the measures of success.

We shape Legacies by becoming a community of passionate lifelong learners aimed to be Servant Leaders.